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Enhance HR and security employment process efficiency

ScreeningCase Study • Oct 20, 2023 9:11:00 AM • Written by: Holly Spiers


NATS is the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services. Each year they handle 2.4 million flights and 250 million passengers in UK airspace. NATS needed a single solution to improve the ease of visibility of the employment process for both the HR and security team members.

Visit their website to find out more https://www.nats.aero/

NATS were looking to combine our security verification and employment service processes in order to expedite time to hire, improve candidate experience of the on-boarding process, reduce manual admin effort for our internal HR and security teams, whilst being fully compliant with data protection considerations.

NATS recruitment volumes had increased significantly, so we were looking for a solution that could deliver flexibility and scalability. As some of our candidates have lived and worked abroad, obtaining employment references to cover 5 years employment was complex, time-consuming, and required significant manual effort.

Our employment verification processes were in need of modernisation. We wanted to ensure that our candidates were fully engaged in our onboarding process. Having to complete multiple forms and provide sensitive data via email was not giving the candidates the experience we wanted them to have.

In alignment with GDPR, we wanted to review the level of detail we require from a candidate to ensure that we were only asking for information once. This was challenging as we needed to cover both security and employment verification requirements, so we wanted to be able to access this information for multiple purposes (rather than ask the candidate to send it twice!).


By implementing the Giant system, we have removed wasted time and effort and reduced our manual processes which has freed up the time of our team members. We now have one source of truth in the system that provides live updates about where each candidate is within the process.


Within days we implemented a new automated process that required minimal training for our teams, which is intuitive and robust. The process allows for flexibility, so we were able to implement different levels of employment verification quickly and easily. Our requirements certainly don’t follow a one size fits all approach, but we are able to configure the requirements to suit all our needs.


Our expectations were immediately met and within weeks exceeded due to the level of customer support provided and having someone on the end of a phone to answer any queries was invaluable in our first few weeks. Six months in and our candidate onboarding experience has shown significant improvement in terms of ease of process and clarity on requirements.

About Giant

Since 1992 Giant has provided specialist, end-to-end workforce management software and support services for organisations of all sizes. Globally.

We invest heavily in our cloud-based software which ranges from talent acquisition and onboarding through to timesheet management, billing, and payroll. Our support services include candidate screening, employment solutions, and legislative risk management including employment status advice.


"By implementing the Giant system, we have removed wasted time and effort and reduced our manual processes which has freed up the time of our team members."

Holly Spiers

Group Marketing Manager