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Customisable and efficient employment screening solutions

ScreeningCase Study • Feb 1, 2023 9:11:00 AM • Written by: Holly Spiers


Practical HR have accumulated over 80 years of experience in the field of HR. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes and our team are committed to ensuring our clients meet their HR and commercial objectives.

We are always looking for ways to make our clients working lives easier when it comes to HR; introducing products and services that save time, worry and money.

Visit their website to find out more https://www.practicalhr.co.uk/

When speaking to our clients about employment screening, we found that many employers only complete the most basic of checks if at all. This was often due to a lack of resource available to complete, monitor and chase outcomes. Over the years there have been many situations that would have been preventable had screening been carried out.

Often our clients do not have a specific ‘HR Department’ so we wanted to be able to offer employment screening packages that would remove the often time-consuming process of collating ID documentation, chasing candidates etc.


Practical HR has partnered with Giant Screening to bring clients the very best in employment screening and on-boarding.

We can now offer flexible employment screening options allowing our clients to create bespoke screening packages to suit their organisation and industry.

At Giant Screening, the process also put the onus on the candidate/employee to ensure that their screening checks are completed, saving our clients time, and streamlining their onboarding process.

About Giant

Since 1992 Giant has provided specialist, end-to-end workforce management software and support services for organisations of all sizes. Globally.

We invest heavily in our cloud-based software which ranges from talent acquisition and onboarding through to timesheet management, billing, and payroll. Our support services include candidate screening, employment solutions, and legislative risk management including employment status advice.


"We can now offer flexible employment screening options allowing our clients to create bespoke screening package to suit their organisation and industry." 



Holly Spiers

Group Marketing Manager