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7 background checking myths busted

Screening • Apr 28, 2022 4:13:00 PM • Written by: Georgia Reynolds

1. I only need to conduct background checks on recruits

Whilst true of some checks like employment and educational verifications lots can change during the employee lifecycle, that’s why some regulators insist on ongoing checks such as criminal and financial for senior staff. It’s worth thinking about where you have risk in the business and what ongoing checks would help to minimise that risk, maybe criminal, adverse financial, or social media.

2. Background checks are too expensive

The cost associated with background checks can vary depending on the provider you use and the checks you want to complete. When you consider the cost associated with recruiting a new staff member which, depending on the research you read can be anywhere from £12,000 to £30,000, a background-checking solution is a smart investment.

3. You need to adjust your timeline to fit your providers

If you are working with your provider to understand your recruitment timeline then this should never be the case. For starters, your provider should be working through the end-to-end process well within an applicant notice period but if they understand your timeline they can put in processes to make sure that key turnaround times are met. For example, if you are recruiting temps then the time to hire is much shorter so why not consider a 2-stage screening approach, identify the information that is critical to allowing the temp onsite so that is completed first and within hours not weeks.

"They're really good to work with. They understand your business and what matters, and they always provide a friendly, professional service. " 

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4. All background companies are the same

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, most background checking companies access similar data sources but that’s where it ends. Getting the right supplier is all about trust and them taking the time to understand your needs. Many suppliers will deliver a standard approach that won’t flex to your business needs. Making sure they understand and support your commitment to a great candidate experience is very important.

5. A background check is just for a criminal record

Although criminal record checks can be an important part of background checking it’s just a small part. What a background check is all about is making sure that the experience and qualifications that a person claims in their CV and you are recruiting them based on are all correct. Then on from there, it’s about finding any relevant information about the applicant that could affect your decision to recruit them. You need to have a complete picture of the applicant before you can be confident they are the right hire.

6. internet searching is justified

Well, this is one we could go into a lot of detail about but be quick, consider the following;

- how do you know the information is valid
- how do you know the information is about the right person
- you may see information on protected characteristics that shouldn’t be seen during the recruitment
- what information are you hoping to see (not what you need to know that’s for sure)
- finally, if you chose not to recruit that person based on what you see could you justify it?

7. Does size matter?

Ignoring the fact you may be in an industry that is regulated and requires background checks the impact of a bad hire on a small business can be catastrophic. Larger organisations appreciate the need for background checks to support the recruitment process and minimise their risk exposure but that risk is multiplied in a smaller company, imagine if you employ 10 people for example and one turns out to be not what they claimed, that’s 10% of your workforce.


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Georgia Reynolds

Marketing Coordinator – Content