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Insights with Rich & Mike - a guide for smart finance solutions for seasonal businesses and beyond

Finance • Apr 1, 2023 2:00:00 PM • Written by: Georgia Reynolds

In this blog, we recap the last week’s insights time webinar where we explored seasonal recruitment businesses. 

As a little recap of last week’s insights time webinar with Rich and Mike, we explore seasonal recruitment businesses, the benefits of a single service fee pricing structure, and why Giant Finance +'s all-encompassing fee structure stands out in the market. Additionally, we discussed the current interest rate scenario, the importance of selecting the right financial partner and fostering a strong working relationship with your funder.

"With Giant Finance+ nothing is too much trouble and the helpful team of recruitment experts are always on hand should we need anything, which makes working together all the more enjoyable."

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1. Seasonal recruitment business: Capitalising on seasonal demand

Seasonal businesses, such as those in the education, logistics, and hospitality sectors, experience fluctuations in demand throughout the year. During the peak seasons, they might require additional resources and staff to manage the surge. However, maintaining these resources all year round can be financially burdensome during the off-peak months.

2. One payment model for seasonal industries: The key to financial flexibility

One of the main benefits of using a finance facility with a service based on actual sales is the financial flexibility it offers. Instead of having to pay for services throughout the year, businesses can streamline their expenses and allocate funds more efficiently. With Giant Finance+, Businesses are only charged a service fee when sales are generated, so seasonal businesses can access the funds they need when required without being tied down to long-term financial commitments.

3. The impact of rising interest rates: Plan ahead and choose wisely

In recent times, interest rates have been on the rise and are likely to continue climbing. It's crucial for businesses to be mindful of their interest payments and plan accordingly. We offer guidance and support in navigating these challenges through the online portals and can help guarantee fees, providing stability and peace of mind.

4. The Significance of a strong working relationship with your funder

While financial partnerships often come down to numbers, it's equally essential to consider the quality of the relationship with your funder. Choosing the cheapest option might seem appealing at first, but a strong working relationship with a financial partner like Giant Finance+ can prove invaluable. Personalised support, responsiveness, and tailored financial solutions are just some of the advantages of fostering a healthy working relationship. 

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Georgia Reynolds

Marketing Coordinator – Content