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How to choose a Vendor-neutral MSP when you have only 5+ contractors

Vendor-neutral MSP • Nov 2, 2023 12:50:46 PM • Written by: Georgia Reynolds

Many businesses have now made the decision or are considering to acquire the services of an Vendor-neutral MSP
when it comes to managing their contingent workforce. The reason behind this decision is the
transparency that Vendor-neutral MSP provide.

In recent years, the market has seen a surge in demand for Vendor-neutral MSP and with demand- comes supply.
The market has flooded with new Vendor-neutral MSP providers in the last few years.
With so many Vendor-neutral MSP providers available in the market, how do you decide which is the best for your
business, especially when most Vendor-neutral MSP are looking to cater to businesses with at least 150 or more

' Sebastian O’Connell, Managing Director, Cielo EMEA & APAC says "using an outsourced provider who has specialised for almost 30 years in employment solutions and managing contingent workers with their own technology has resulted in an agile, and highly responsive service delivery and an excellent worker and client experience."

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Here are a few suggestions: 

Candidate experience
Talent attraction and retention is the hot topic for many businesses. With over 1.3 million vacancies in the UK. Hirers are spending a lot of time refining and reviewing their recruitment process for permanent hires
however, they often don’t look at how to make the contingent hiring process more efficient. The candidate
onboarding experience should be key when choosing an Vendor-neutral MSP partner. The process should be fast to ensure the time from offer to contract acceptance is a s short as possible to reduce candidate drop out. A supplier who has an integrated solution that deals with onboarding, pre-employment screening and contract management will ensure a swift and slick process for the candidate and help the hirer secure the best talent.

We now operate in a world where everything is linked to technology. Technology reduces error, increases
efficiency, and tends to take away repetitive and monotonous work from employees, giving them time to focus on more important tasks. When looking to choose an Vendor-neutral MSP it’s important to assess if they have made any significant investments in technology. For example, an Vendor-neutral MSP that can’t produce automated billing can’t help your finance department and there will still be chances of errors like timesheet errors, etc.

An Vendor-neutral MSP plays an important part in managing an enterprise’s contingent management workforce. It will act as a part of your business and will be in contact with the business on a frequent basis. This seems like a big responsibility and when looking to choose an Vendor-neutral MSP, it is important to go for one that has significant credentials and accreditations. An Vendor-neutral MSP with accreditations like ISO 27001 means your data is always protected and your business achieves maximum compliance.

How Giant Precision can help

For over 30 years, Giant has been in the business, providing end-to-end proprietary software to businesses of all sizes. Over the years, Giant has built a vast clientele providing a consistent experience to all involved. Small business or a large-scale enterprise, the giant experience is the same for all. The aim of Giant Precision is to provide one solution for all your needs, ranging from applicant tracking, vendor management, invoicing, international payroll, and payments. Having years of industry experience, we know how the industry works and hence have a solution for every problem you face.

At Giant, we understand the importance of technology and hence invest heavily into it. Our dashboards allow our customers to get a transparent view. From worker details such as when the contract starts and ends to being able to analyse which hiring managers are requesting contractors, the sources of those contractors, whether sourced directly or indirectly, their associated costs, and appropriate authorisation controls at each step of the way. Our timesheet software also allows you to automatically add timesheets through barcodes, making things simpler than ever and removing the chances of errors, whereas our one bill feature enables your finance department to relax knowing the Giant Precision software is there to help. With giant precision, you’re in control of your business - always.

Another reason to opt for Giant Precision is the cost of implementation. We have our own unique propriety software which means you get to save huge costs that a normal Vendor-neutral MSP will charge you otherwise. Not only this, having our own software also enables us to cater businesses with a small number of contractors. The idea behind Giant Precision is to be provide an unparallel experience to businesses of all sizes. At giant, we are an accredited member of the FSCA, holds ISO 9001, 27001 and is a member of REC and APSCo.

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Georgia Reynolds

Marketing Coordinator – Content