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Navigating technologies across the Contingent Workforce Landscape

Precision • Feb 5, 2024 11:47:01 AM • Written by: Georgia Reynolds

65% of companies are planning to increase their use of contractors in the next two years. This emphasises the importance of MSPs in flexible talent solutions. As businesses evolve, understanding and using new technologies become vital for improving processes and talent acquisition. This blog explores the latest tech trends in contingent workforce management. 


AI and ML 
AI and Machine Learning (ML) are streamlining workforce management by automating tasks and making better predictions. 
For MSPs, using AI and ML can simplify candidate sourcing, improve matching, and predict workforce trends. These technologies help in making smarter decisions, allocating resources efficiently, and providing accurate insights to clients.

" 65% of companies are planning to increase their use of contractors in the next two years. "

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Blockchain technology enhances trust and security in workforce management. Blockchain is like a digital ledger that records transactions across a network of computers. It's decentralized, secure, and transparent, with each participant having a copy of the entire record.
MSPs can use blockchain to build trust among stakeholders, secure transactions, and simplify candidate verification. Smart contracts, automated payments, and reduced administrative tasks are additional benefits that boost operational efficiency.

Predictive analytics 
Predictive analytics involves using data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. 
These tools can forecast future workforce trends, helping MSPs proactively address recruitment. By analysing historical data, these tools reduce time-to-fill and keep MSPs ahead in the competitive talent market. Predictive analytics enable MSPs to anticipate client needs and offer strategic workforce solutions.

Vendor Management Systems (VMS) are software solutions that streamline and automate the process of managing relationships between an organisation and its external vendors or service providers. 
They are vital for workforce management, and recent upgrades make them even more efficient. MSPs can benefit from real-time reporting, mobile accessibility, and customisable dashboards in VMS. These features speed up decision-making, improve client communication, and create a user-friendly experience.

Digital workforce platforms
Digital workforce platforms offer all-in-one solutions for talent acquisition and management. By integrating AI, ML, and analytics, these platforms centralise operations and improve scalability for MSPs. Adopting these platforms improves productivity and client satisfaction by providing a comprehensive view of the contingent workforce.

For MSPs, embracing evolving technologies is crucial for success in contingent workforce management. Integrating AI, ML, blockchain, predictive analytics, and advanced VMS features simplifies operations and positions MSPs as industry leaders. These technologies not only enhance efficiency but also prepare MSPs to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future workforce.

To have the full potential of these digital platforms and ensure seamless integration into your business strategy, here at Giant our expertise and commitment are to tailor solutions, that can elevate your workforce management, ensuring efficiency and success. Stay tech-savvy to stay ahead!

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Georgia Reynolds

Marketing Coordinator – Content