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Outsourcing pre-employment screening the answer to new recruitment challenges

Screening • Sep 13, 2023 12:00:00 PM • Written by: Georgia Reynolds

The pandemic has changed the way companies operate today. The lengthy lockdowns have made it difficult for companies to achieve their goals as uncertainty has pushed the continuity plans to the forefront. Today in the wake of COVID, businesses are required to be agile and make decisions that can help them thrive.

The recent pandemic has imposed new restrictions on businesses. The unusual impact on organisations continue to challenge different operational functions. With budget cuts and limited resources, companies now focus on cost-effectiveness. The Human resource departments across multiple industries were faced with the toughest challenges. Hiring numbers in general reflected a major dip back in 2020, but with the new normal it seems to be picking back up. Whilst many companies downsized and made necessary cuts during the pandemic, we are now seeing the start of positive change. Companies seem to be re-hiring, which is brilliant, but how will an uptake in recruitment impact the business?

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In these past couple months, companies have experienced a major increase in market demand. With things opening back up, companies have new business to cater for. However, they now need to hire new staff to account for the increased demand. They lack the capacity to achieve targets with existing headcount. But with the pandemic onboarding companies cannot adopt traditional hiring practices. What if the pandemic hits back up closing everything again? This will lead to internal staff surplus. Along with this how long will it take to train the new recruits to meet urgent current demand.

The times are confusing. There are many questions about how companies will hire in the future. The two main things leaders and employers must remember are:

Agility is essential

The ability to reduce on extra services, support, expertise, hiring models and having an adaptable approach on how to deal with the current business landscape is crucial for business efficiency and profitability.

Flexibility is the key

If companies have a flexible recruitment plan, they can easily eliminate stress. Flexibility in plan will allow companies to scale up or down as per the requirement and demand.

The solution

With all these new changes companies are looking at outsourcing as an option. The insight from the pandemic recommend that businesses are agile in their decision making. Opting for outsourcing will enable companies to be responsive and flexible in terms of their recruitment strategy. Outsourcing will also lead to cost saving and companies can benefit from the expertise of a third party making their recruitment process more efficient. Onboarding new hires with increased demand will no longer be a problem.

Along with this, third party involvement can help companies understand their workforce better. With real time reporting companies can have insights about effectiveness, productivity, and worker satisfaction, enabling employers to make informed decisions. These insights have proved to be useful for organisations.

Moreover, the pandemic has made decision making very stressful but with an outsourced partner, companies can have in-depth knowledge about their hiring activities. They can easily scale up or scale down based on service requirements on limited time notice.

Companies can be made able to deliver regardless of the budget, staff volume and time.
When it comes to employee screening and onboarding your workers, you need a fast and flexible solution, so you don’t lose talent, therefore companies outsource to Giant. As one of the industry’s leading companies, we provide specialist screening services for organisations of all sizes, globally. At Giant, we are here to deliver you with our fully managed screening solution made to fit your company needs. 

About Giant

For almost 30 years, Giant have provided specialist, end to end workforce management software and support services for organisations of all sizes. Globally.

When it comes to screening and onboarding your workers, you need a fast and flexible solution, so you don’t lose talent, this is why companies outsource to Giant. We are passionate about your worker’s journey and so provide the technology and industry knowledge you need to bring them on board efficiently and compliantly.

We know one size doesn’t fit all, so we tailor our system and processes to match your individual requirements.

You can relax knowing your data is safe with us. Our commitment to compliance protects your business from risk and our rigorous international security standard ISO 27001 ensures that your data is GDPR secure. Visit our website to find out more www.giantprecision.com/screening

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