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Right-to-work check: what will change from April?

Screening • Jun 23, 2022 11:30:00 AM • Written by: Georgia Reynolds

In April, we will see the start of a new way of being able to conduct right to work checks, as certified identity service providers (IDSPs) will be able to provide digital ID validation for Right-to-Work and DBS checks using Identity document validation technologies (IDVT). 

What do we know?
Certification bodies are still becoming accredited by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) in line with the published government framework. We expect these bodies to be announced over the next week and from there, IDSPs will become certified allowing them to provide the IDVT services. We are working closely with our partners, and subject to the certification process, our chosen IDSP and their services will be seamlessly integrated into our screening processes in time for the 6th of April.

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Important update
Adjusted checks have been extended until 30th September 2022. Whilst the new technology can still be adopted from the 6th of April (with an accredited IDSP’ via our screening system) employers will still be able to carry out adjusted checks before the 1st of October.

What will the new process look like?
For Giant Screening customers, we are most likely already assisting with reducing resources in your RTW processes, and these changes mean that we can now work towards even faster screening times and smarter automated solutions to enhance your candidate’s journey.

The benefits:
-Improved candidate onboarding experience
-No duplicated ID checks – DBS ID Validation requirements can be met with the IDVT RTW
-Faster submission of DBS checks*
-Reduced screening turnaround times
-Reduced risk of human error
-Time savings for hiring managers and applicants 
*For those applicants in the scope of using the IDVT services.

Candidates that can’t take the digital route?
Candidates without a current UK passport will not be able to use the IDVT journey, and face-to-face checks must still take place after 1st October.

We can still help by tailoring your application and screening process to highlight these candidates, providing them with guidance and support on the next steps whilst ensuring a consistent and inclusive screening experience for those who are not able to take the IDVT route against those who can. As always, in these “In-person” scenarios our screening & ID checks provide you with the confidence that your screening process is fully compliant. All of this allows for better reporting and management data, as well as a compliant audit trail for all the background checks.

How much will this cost?
Until the IDVT solution has been confirmed, we are not able to guarantee any specific costs for these services. What we can confirm is that we are committed to ensuring the new technology is embedded within our already robust ID validation processes with no disruption to services and minimal impact on package costs.

We will have bespoke options available to meet your requirements in both Right-to-work and DBS ID validation. We are keen to ensure we are ready to help you start seeing the immediate benefit of these changes, and plan to arrange demos over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we welcome your questions on all things IDVT - RTW & DBS – please email Kelly Pugh to learn more about future updates and how we can help.

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Georgia Reynolds

Marketing Coordinator – Content