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BPSS evolved: From the public sector to a best practice beyond 30th April

Webinar • Jan 18, 2024 1:30:00 AM • Written by: Betty Underwood

BPSS evolved: From the public sector to a best practice beyond

Speakers: Kerry Redmond and Bunmi Fayomi - Guest Speaker: Tom McAuliffe from Konfir

Our Giant Screening experts Kerry Redmond and Bunmi Fayomi explore the journey of the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) from its foundational role underpinning national security and defence to becoming a pivotal best practice in the wider recruitment landscape.

With expert insights from our partners, Konfir, and their Head of Product, Thomas McAuliff, we examine the key role of the BPSS standard in elevating recruitment, ensuring a safer work environment, and fostering compliance across diverse sectors.

Plus, discover how Giant has revolutionised BPSS, transforming it from a process that traditionally took weeks to one that could be completed in under 24 hours. In our session, we’ll cover:

  • The BPSS evolution: From its origins, development, and growing significance, learn why BPSS is becoming such a critical screening standard and best practice approach for many businesses.
  • Giant's verification innovation: Learn about Giant’s revolutionary BPSS process, which has significantly shortened turnaround times, with fast, accurate employment verification powered by Konfir - directly from sources such as HMRC, Payroll, and Open Banking.
  • Reducing hiring risks: We address the prevalent challenge of bad hires and discuss BPSS's strategic role in reducing the risks.

Don’t miss our latest webinar to learn how BPSS is reshaping secure and compliant recruitment strategies nationwide.


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Betty Underwood

Events and marketing coordinator