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Case Study - Bournemouth Airport

Screening • Nov 16, 2023 4:03:51 PM • Written by: Holly Spiers


In the early stages of the 2023 season, Bournemouth Airport chose to outsource their airside screening, including a full 5-year employment history, for all its hires including security, cargo and all other positions across the airport space.

Bournemouth Airport, which is regulated against CAA guidelines, must conduct full airside screening on all hires who are required to go beyond the security point of an airport. During peak season, airports, airport service providers and cargo handlers recruit high volumes of people to meet the demands of the summer season; people going on their summer holidays!

"One of the standout qualities we have observed in Giant Screening is your unwavering determination to meet our specific timeframes. This dedication to getting the referencing completed within our desired schedule has been invaluable to us. The confidence that we can rely on you to meet our tight deadlines has allowed us to streamline our operations and focus more on our day-to-day activities, which is a huge relief."

With national security at the forefront of our agenda, playing our part to keep the United Kingdom safe is a task we conduct with pride. Our experienced teams, some of whom are Authorised Signatories, across multiple UK airports, conduct background checks on new hires to meet the specific standards set by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Like others, Bournemouth Airport wanted to ensure that it was able to meet the demands of its customers throughout the season. During the consultation phase, we worked to design a solution that would initially capture part of the Bournemouth Airport new hire population. These new hires would go through the Giant solution and act as a proof of concept, providing assurance to senior stakeholders that airside screening could be outsourced and could be delivered to (most importantly) time, scope and budget.

"Your service has not only lightened our workload but also added a layer of trust and dependability to our vetting process. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that we can trust your team to conduct thorough and prompt vetting is immeasurable."

Achieving 100% compliance, not only through the initial stages of the solution, but as the scale and scope evolved and grew throughout the season, Giant ensured that each candidate, no matter the inbound volumes, received the same level of focus and attention, throughout their screening.

"Our experience with Giant Screening has been nothing short of exceptional. We are more than happy to recommend your services to others and are grateful for the partnership we have established. Your commitment to quality, clear communication, and meeting our timeframes has made a significant difference in our organisation's efficiency and overall success.

Thank you for your outstanding service and dedication to helping us succeed in our mission. We look forward to continuing our partnership and are excited to see the positive impact it will have on our future endeavours."

Underpinned by market leading technology, Giant, were able to complete screenings, run them through quality assurance, ensure that they were reviewed by an authorised signatory and returned to the client to pass office processing, all in under 20 workings days. In some cases, candidates were processed in less than one week!

Our consultative approach, coupled with our outstanding experience within the aviation space gave Bournemouth Airport the confidence to continue expanding our services throughout the 2023 season. We delivered advice, guidance and most importantly, delivered fully screened candidates, against the defined criteria, in advance to the timescales which were originally defined as part of the solution.

"I am delighted to provide a testimonial regarding our experience working with Giant Screening this season. In short, it has been an absolute pleasure, and I am thrilled to share our feedback."

Quotes provided by Vicci Pickering, Head of HR @ Bournemouth Airpor

"Giant Screening has truly been a game-changer for Bournemouth Airport. The quality of vetting and communication we have experienced has not only exceeded our expectations, but has also significantly enhanced our onboarding processes. Our staff, without exception, have had nothing but positive comments about the professionalism and efficiency demonstrated by your team."

Holly Spiers

Group Marketing Manager