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Switching background checking suppliers

ScreeningCase Study • Aug 3, 2023 9:30:00 AM • Written by: Holly Spiers


Mourant is an offshore law firm headquartered in Saint-Helier, Jersey. Mourant is one of the largest offshore law firms, with just under 60 partners and 500+ staff. It is a member of the offshore magic circle. Visit their website to find out more: https://www.mourant.com

Prior to working closely with a Giant Screening on the background checks, Mourant was using another background checking supplier for a number of years and over the years encountered issues with them that ultimately affected the efficiency.


Rather than being any other third-party screening service provider for Mourant, Giant has actively tried to be as responsive as possible. The people at Mourant benefits from a responsive team on the other end of an email or a phone call. They didn't have to follow up on any gaps in background checks. And the turnaround time just improved twofold, which was extremely beneficial, particularly in a regulated business like theirs.

The results

After partnering with Giant, Mourant experienced great customer service. All queries were answered in a really speedy fashion by people that had a great deal of knowledge in this area. The system at Giant Screening created efficiencies within the team and saved them bundles of time during the onboarding process. "I think there are no simple ways of saying it, frankly. Our lives have changed and for the better", Joana Cerqueira - Senior Human Resources Manager.


The system at Giant Screening helped Mourant to onboard candidates swiftly. The company received positive feedback from the candidates on how easy the background checking process has been for them.

About Giant

When it comes to screening and onboarding your candidates, you need a fast and flexible solution, so you don’t lose talent, this is why companies outsource to Giant. We are passionate about your candidate's journey, therefore, provide the technology and industry knowledge you need to bring them onboard efficiently and compliantly.

BS7858 is a British Standard that helps organisations screen individuals employed in an environment where the safety and security of people, goods or property is essential. It is safe to say that the checks associated with BS7858:2019 can be very time-consuming, so it makes sense to outsource this process to a screening specialist like Giant.

Our experienced team of screening experts, exceptional service levels, and market-leading technology ensure fast turnaround times, reducing your time to hire, delivering cost savings whilst remaining compliant with the BS7858:2019 standard.

"I think there are no simple ways of saying it, frankly. Our lives have changed and for the better".


 Joana Cerqueira - Senior Human Resources Manager

Holly Spiers

Group Marketing Manager