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How can background screening support the recruitment process in 2022?

Screening • Dec 2, 2022 4:00:00 PM • Written by: Georgia Reynolds

In this whitepaper, we discuss why is it more important than ever to build an efficient recruitment process and how background checks can support businesses in 2022. We have researched and listed down powerful ways background screening can back your recruitment process.

The recruitment process of new employees can be a challenge in today’s work environment. For any business, it is important to recruit candidates that have the required qualification and integrity to do the job, but it is not always possible to accept candidates at their face value. Creating a more efficient recruitment process has never been more important. Recruitment has become unpredictable and when
recruiters need to hire, they usually need to do it fast to ensure they don’t miss out on the best talent. To have an efficient hiring process it is vital for businesses to examine the background of the candidates. This gives a better understanding of candidates’ abilities and employment performance. We at Giant screening believe background checks can help your business during the recruitment

"Giant Screening has not only helped us in reduce our time to hire, of course, it helped us to save cost as well, because no longer do we have to use the old snail mail, raw mail to send documents between us and potential sort of candidates."

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Here are five powerful ways background screening can support your recruitment process in 2022.

Protecting the organisation

Background checks are considered a preventive measure to ensure the integrity of the organisation and safety of the employees. In todays’ climate, the recruitment process takes place on online mediums. It can be difficult to make hiring decision without meeting the candidate. The job market is highly competitive because of the pandemic, for which reason candidates may exaggerate certain skills
and job experience to land themselves a job. However, background screening can support your hiring decision by verifying candidate details.

Minimise bad hires

Stepping into 2022 should be marked with implementing adequate background-checking measure. One bad hiring decision can result in loss of resources and time. A bad hire can cost the employer around ₤15000 per annum. Moreover, the recruitment team must spend extra time and resources in finding the replacement for every bad hire. Research shows that the cost of replacing a regular employee range between 16% to 20% of their annual salary. Most companies have a desire to save costs and improve employee retention, so it imperative you make the right decision. A good screening service provider like Giant Screening can ensure that you make the best recruitment decision every time.

Improved regulatory compliance

According to research, companies believe achieving compliance is the second most important businesses challenge, with 44% of the companies responding that adequate background screening helped to improve compliance. Satisfactory screening of new and existing employees can ensure businesses stay compliant to industry standards and regulatory requirements. Non-compliance with regulation in place can result in fines and reputational damage for the business. Partnering with a third-party screening service provider like Giant can help mitigate the risk.

Temporary workers

Businesses can be more agile to the increasing demands by hiring contract workers. Contract workers can fill the talent gap and deliver the required services. However, companies need to be extra careful with these temporary workers. They have the access to same information and data as any other full-time employee of the company. Conducting background checks on contingent employees can ensure safety of data and sensitive information.

Positive onboarding experience

Today, organisations need to realize that a positive onboarding process helps to improve employee retention. The onboarding process is a strategic plan for any organisation to avoid employee turnover. A good onboarding strategy is more than paperwork, it is about embracing the new employees into the existing teams and delivering them all the necessary things even before their first day. When it comes to employee screening and onboarding your workers, you need a fast and flexible solution, so you do not lose talent, therefore companies outsource to Giant.

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Georgia Reynolds

Marketing Coordinator – Content