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Poor background checking processes can cost you good candidates

Screening • Aug 12, 2022 3:00:00 PM • Written by: Georgia Reynolds

When it comes to your recruitment processes, you put significant time and resource into designing and implementing a great candidate journey. This candidate journey has an important impact on the perception that a candidate has on the business they are looking to join.

With the employment landscape constantly changing, the battle for talent is fierce so can you afford to be giving the candidate a negative perception of the process or your business?

A recent survey has shown that more than a third of employers (38%) have seen candidates turn down a job because they had a negative experience with their background checks. Equally as concerning is that of the HR managers who conduct background checks fewer than half (44%) have tested their background check experience themselves.

"We are happy with the service and will continue to use Giant Screening for our screening and reference checks moving forward."

A reflection on the business

Having that bad experience will undoubtedly affect a candidate's perception of your business. the survey confirms this - 56% of candidates think less of a company if they have a poor experience with its HR technology.

It is imperative that your background checking procedures are an integral part of the process. When using external suppliers they must fit within your process and give a positive experience to the candidate. This is crucial as 21% of employers who have lost candidates that had accepted a job offer said it was because background screening took too long, and 20% said it was because a candidate had a poor experience with background screening.

What can you do to improve the process?

Partner with the best - make sure your screening provider can work within your processes and deliver the standards you expect. They should be an expert with decades of experience who not only understands the compliance requirements but can also call on the knowledge of industry best practice.

Speed of delivery

The longer it takes the more likely you are to lose that great candidate.

Test the candidate experience

You should go through the process yourselves to ensure it has the feel you expect and identify areas for change or improvement.

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Georgia Reynolds

Marketing Coordinator – Content