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Seasonal hiring with instant right-to-work checks

ScreeningBlog • Jun 5, 2023 12:08:00 PM • Written by: Georgia Reynolds

As the summer holidays have now come to an end and the holiday season fast approaches, many organisations that specialise in hiring a large number of seasonal workers have their busiest recruitment periods. These businesses experience a surge in demand during these peak periods and relatively quieter, more steady windows outside of their busy seasons.

This pattern is particularly noticeable in the aviation sector and in retail as the holiday season approaches. The pressure to scale up workforces quickly while ensuring the right people are hired can be overwhelming. To tackle this challenge effectively, businesses need to streamline their hiring processes and consider essential elements like background checks for seasonal workers.

"Our fast-check service removes the typical delays in completing background checks that can cause frustration or even the loss of a good candidate. "

Challenges of seasonal hiring

Seasonal recruitment often involves hiring a large number of new staff within a short timeframe. This can place added pressure on HR departments and other teams responsible for talent acquisition. The influx of applications, interviews, and training can strain existing HR processes, prompting businesses to evaluate which parts of the onboarding process can be outsourced or whether additional HR staff are required to manage the influx of recruitment.


The importance of background checks

When time is of the essence during peak seasons, it might seem tempting to skip background checks to expedite the hiring process. However, it's crucial not to overlook background screening, especially for seasonal hiring. Background checks are vital to ensure you employ the right people to represent your business. Skipping them can pose risks to customer safety, legislative obligations, security, and data protection. The potential consequences of forgoing background checks may be more costly than the time and expenses required to complete them.

Consider the increased number of regulated roles or financial transactions that occur during the busy season. Placing unchecked seasonal hires in positions with access to sensitive information is a significant risk, especially when insider threats and fraud are on the rise. CIFAS has reported that fraud is at an all-time high, emphasising the need for screening, particularly for roles involving financial transactions or access to customers' sensitive data.

Streamlining background checks

How can businesses perform background checks quickly and efficiently, especially when hiring a large volume of seasonal staff? The most efficient approach is often to outsource this aspect of the hiring process. Checks can be conducted swiftly, as the outsourced partner is solely dedicated to the task at hand.

Outsourcing background checks also ensures consistency in hiring procedures across the entire workforce, regardless of employment length or the time of year a person is recruited. This approach benefits both permanent and temporary staff, creating a unified and effective process for all hires.

Instant right-to-work checks

Since the introduction of the digital identity framework, instant digital right-to-work checks for valid British/Irish passport holders have been a game changer. They simplify the process, allowing businesses to verify the eligibility of candidates to work immediately, eliminating delays that can hinder hiring. This not only ensures compliance with employment regulations but also enables businesses to meet their seasonal demands efficiently.

How we can help

At Giant Screening, we specialise in background-checking solutions, offering deep expertise for your seasonal hiring process. Our experienced team can support your business by providing fast and efficient background checks, ensuring you employ the right people for your seasonal roles while upholding your brand's reputation and safeguarding your customers.

Our fast-check service removes the typical delays in completing background checks that can cause frustration or even the loss of a good candidate. The checks conducted by our team at Giant Screening, are completed in an efficient manner, and we can deliver most results to you in as little as 24 hours.

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Georgia Reynolds

Marketing Coordinator – Content