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Funding weekly payroll for your new recruitment agency - Case study

FinanceCase Study • May 22, 2024 11:41:00 AM • Written by: Holly Spiers

The Business

Whether you are looking for permanent staff or last-minute temporary replacements, R.A Staffing Solutions Ltd offer a 24/7 service to ensure that they are always ready to respond to your requirements.

They are covering areas from supported living, residential services, and secure units to day services and community–based services. Based in Brimingham but serving the entire UK, R.A Staffing Solutions provide a flexible service for both clients and candidates in the Healthcare industry.

The Challenge

“When starting a new recruitment agency, your priority is how you will pay your staff, bearing in mind that most agencies pay their staff weekly. When starting my agency, I had the funds to get the business off the ground and get the ball rolling, however, I needed to consider the cash flow to ensure staff are paid for the work they carry out.

Usually, clients pay invoices after 4 weeks of the work being carried out. This is where Giant Finance+ stepped in. The reason I chose Giant Finance+ was because I was a member of the REC and they were recommended to me as a reliable and experienced company that understands recruitment agencies, this made it very easy for me to be comfortable enough knowing all the back-office finances were taken care of.

The problems I was hoping to solve were back office, payroll, invoicing, timesheet submission, clear and precise accounting software which were easy to use and understand (as I did not have any previous experience in finance or accounting), a dedicated account manager who would guide and hand hold until I got to grips with the system to ensure that I was making sure that HMRC was happy and that my staff were being paid.”

The Solution

“Working with Giant Finance+ allowed me to start my business, by providing me with invoice factoring. Without this, I would not have been able to fund the payroll and the process of payroll.

Having a dedicated account manager overseeing everything about my business and supporting me with making the right decisions when taking on new clients, helped me understand the risks and benefits of working with certain clients. Also, the credit checks are very comprehensive, the credit team are great with checking clients before taking them on and offering advice.”

Final thoughts from R.A Staffing Solutions

“Once we got to grips with all the fine details of starting up and setting everything up, and once I familiarised myself with the team and my account manager everything was easygoing, simple, accessible and professional.”

Rayhana Al-Mahdawi, Director

Holly Spiers

Group Marketing Manager